Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Accidents involving a motorcycle can be devastating and result in serious bodily injuries. To make matters worse, everybody always assumes that the collision was the rider’s fault. People who do not have a motorcycle and don’t understand the physics that keep a bike upright have this faulty belief that anybody who rides a bike must not be a cautious person. Even attorneys, if they don’t own a motorcycle, often are rapid to blame the rider but just the opposite is true: the majority of motorcyclists are defensive riders and are much more careful on the road than your average driver. Riders take extra precautions to avoid an accident because a collision with a vehicle will certainly result in serious bodily injuries as a bike does not have airbags and a roll cage to protect you from other cars and the road. If a car and motorcycle collide, it’s usually after the rider has done everything in their power to avoid the collision and the driver simply did not see the rider. You cannot explain this to an attorney who has never sat behind the handlebars; they will usually assume that you were careless simply because you ride a bike. They have never been in your shoes to see how cars repeatedly make left turns or U-turns in front of you as you are legally passing through an intersection. For this reason, it is absolutely critical that your lawyer be a rider, so that your lawyer can understand you, believe in you, and do an effective job representing you. We provide you with amazing legal representation by a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Las Vegas who rides, who is an expert in the law, and who knows what it takes to prove and win your case.