Truck Accidents

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Common Injuries

Truck accident-related injuries tend to be especially severe due to the larger size of the vehicles involved. For this reason, a truck driver’s negligence can have especially horrific consequences and many victims sustain life-threatening injuries or become permanently disfigured. Commercial trucks weigh thousands of pounds and often carry dangerous cargo. If a truck driver loses control of his or her vehicle, the force of impact can cause heavy cargo, such as cement pipes or lumber to spill onto the roadway, which in turn can cause additional collisions. Most big rigs are also equipped with larger gas tanks that are more likely to cause explosions after a collision. Broken glass and metal shards can also cause deep and severe lacerations, many of which leave permanent scars.


Some of the most common injuries caused by truck accidents include:

  • Spine or neck injuries: The forceful impact associated with larger trucks can cause a victim’s head to snap forward, causing injuries ranging in severity from whiplash and herniated discs to paralysis and nerve damage. While some of these injuries can be mitigated through surgery or therapy, others are often permanent and require that a victim use a wheelchair or other assistive medical devices for the rest of his or her life.
  • Broken bones: A commercial truck’s size means that an impact with another vehicle can be especially forceful. For this reason, broken bones and dislocations are more common in these types of accidents. Depending on which party of the body was injured, broken bones can take months or even years to fully heal and may require painful surgeries and physical therapy.
  • Lacerations:Deep cuts caused by flying debris are also much more common in accidents involving large commercial trucks. Serious cuts may require stitches, staples, or surgery and even then may become infected, requiring heavy doses of antibiotics.
  • Soft-tissue damage: The more forceful impacts involved in truck accidents can also cause serious soft-tissue injuries. Resulting organ damage may cause internal bleeding, which can cause permanent damage or death.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: These types of injuries are especially serious and often have permanent consequences. Trauma to the brain and skull can cause a range of health problems, including memory loss, paralysis, difficulty speaking, and even death.
  • Burns: Explosions are much more likely to occur in truck accidents due to ruptured gas tanks caused by higher impacts. These risks are heightened by the fact that many trucks carry toxic materials that are highly flammable. Burns are especially prone to infection and may require multiple and painful skin grafts.


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Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been in a vehicle collision with a driver of a truck, big rig or trailer, then you know that the potential effects can be catastrophic involving serious injuries, including physical and mental trauma. Protecting yourself with experienced legal representation is critical to preserving your legal rights. Typically, the driver of the truck is insured through his or her company’s insurance. It is likely that the company’s insurance carrier will vigorously defend their case shifting the blame partially, if not completely on you, the victim. Therefore, a truck accident attorney is essential in protecting your rights.

Why You Should Get Legal Representation by a Truck Accident Attorney

As mentioned above, a collision with an 18-wheeler or other vehicle of that nature results in devastating injuries and damages. Medical expenses, loss of wages, the repair or replacement of your vehicle, pain and suffering are just a few of the many obstacles a victim may face after a collision. A trucking company’s insurance will aggressively work in contrast with your best interests. Without legal representation it is not a fair game and, in most cases, not a fair fight. A committed attorney will have your best interest in mind and work diligently to preserve and protect your legal rights and get you’re the maximum financial compensation for your damages.


Medical Injuries

Medical injuries involving eighteen wheelers frequently cause severe life-threatening injuries. You or your family need immediate and the best care possible to recover and be made whole again. Time is of the essence in accident cases, let our attorneys deal with the insurance company’s hurdles, obstacles and timely requirements, while you focus on you and your family’s recovery at home.

Trucking Company Insurance Carrier

Generally, trucking companies have unlimited financial resources spending a great amount of their time and money in an effort to minimize their liability to you. The insurance company often hires investigators to prepare reports that lead to the notion that you were at fault. Your attorney will know how to successfully fight against the trucking company’s insurance carrie


Nevada Truck Accident Lawyers

Why You Need A Top Truck Accident Attorney:

If you are involved in a truck accident you could be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained, damage to vehicles, and wages lost. Being knowledgeable about your rights can ensure that justice is fully enforced, and reparations are paid.

  • Don't panic, stay calm. Read these notes on the steps to take after an accident.
  • Don't compromise your own safety; be sure to clear the vehicle and road to avoid additional harm. Contact and get assistance from any bystanders if needed. Be sure the police have been notified as well as medical services should they be required. Report and document everything as well as taking mental note of how events transpired so that you will be able to testify later should you be required to.
  • It can be very difficult to get information from passengers or witnesses as many may try to avoid involvement. Everyone you can get to corroborate your depiction of how events transpired will go a long way in the courtroom. Also be sure to get any statements you can in writing in case people decide to change their story later, especially from the driver of the truck.
  • Next, make a call to your insurance company to report the accident. Be very thorough in reporting what happened and answering all of their questions. It is from this report that you will be negotiating with the insurance company about benefits including medical assistance, household replacement services, mileage to and from appointments, and nursing care management.
  • For your own sake, be sure to hire a well-versed Nevada truck accident lawyer.
  • When you are in a tractor trailer accident you should seek legal guidance to ensure your case is handled correctly as there are many complicated laws and pit falls that you need to be navigated through. This holds especially true should the insurance company or opposing party wish to take the claim to court rather than settle. Trucking companies are aware of their own legal liability and typically document their employee's hours behind the wheel along with maintenance checks. This is a major difference between a trucking accident and a typical car accident; trucking companies are very experienced in these matters and likely have a legal team readily available to them. This is a huge reason to speak with a legal representative immediately so that the big companies don't take advantage of your naiveté.
  • Look over your insurance policy to ensure you are getting the coverage you paid for.
  • Occasionally auto insurance companies will overlook some of the coverage they are supposed to be providing to an accident victim. Also, many health insurance policies will co-cover you with your car insurance so that you can combine both policies and cover as much, if not all, of your medical bill balance.

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